Hey y’all. My name is Dominique Knight, I am a blogger and journalist. Welcome to my blog. If you have a love for Black Women in the music industry then you are in the right place. Growing up as a young Black Woman it became clear to me how often our voices are silenced and stories neglected. I have always had a clear point of view and been vocal about sharing my experiences and perspective.

For as long as I can remember I have always been obsessed with my name. Dominique Knight has become a part of my identity. I would scribble my name everywhere; notebooks, dry erase boards, and desks to name a few. The phrase “Dominique Knight is Always Right” is something I started saying in Highschool to mock my friends.

As a young writer developing her voice, it became apparent to me that I had strong opinions that not everyone shared. Yet I was so confident within myself that I didn’t really care what anyone thought. I knew that I was right.