Over the summer a young singer by the name of Jacquees proclaimed that he was king of R&B, at least the king of artists from his generation. This one post that he made on instagram started a media firestorm. There was a new hashtag create #KingofRB that trended for days. It was plain to see that many people did not share the same sentiment as Jacquees. He became a laughing stock online and people could not believe that he could make such a claim. The good that was derived from the incident was that artists from the past were being acknowledged for their attributions to the genre. What I do not understand about newer artists is the undermining of artists from the past. When you are a new artist you still have to prove yourself. The music industry has become a “what have you done lately?” kind of industry. No matter what you have accomplished as an artist there seems to always be this notion that you must top what you are doing in order to stay relevant. Relevancy has become the new success. As long as people are talking about you that means you are successful despite anything that you have done prior. There is no doubt that thinking you must maintain being the center of attention as an artist is extremely problematic.