The Spring of 2019 will never be forgotten.

The untimely death of rapper Nipsey Hustle has stunned not only the hip-hop community, but
millions of fans across the world. This is a man that sought to change his community for the
better. A man that was a devoted husband and father. A man that had values and stood for his
beliefs. In a world where many are lost and searching for themselves, Nipsey Hustle proved that
his life had a divine purpose. It is plain to see that for generations, he will live on. With that being said after he died many people of course started to share how his life had impacted theirs. Some had positive anecdotes that made you appreciate the work Nipsey Huslte was doing and the legacy that he wanted to live on. Yet many people especially other rappers in the industry obviously have been having what seems to be a contest on social media to prove how close they were to the fallen rapper. Nipsey was a man who chose to live low-key and not participate in the theatrics that have become of social media. In what has been claimed as an effort to honor him has been a spectatcle to garner clout off of his name. Some rappers have repeatedly shared pictures that they took with the rapper, some have even gotten tattoos. It just leads my mind to wonder how close these rappers actually were to Nipsey. Do you really think he would want people to behave in the manner in which they have?