This week rapper T.I discussed on his podcast “ExpediTIously” his personal list of top 50 rappers. It has recently become a trend amongst artists and media personalities to share their lists of greatest rap artists of all times. However what all these lists have in common is the absence of female MCs. From a logical standpoint it makes little sense to determine that out of the hundreds if not thousands of rappers male and female that have arisen since the birth of hiphop, that only one or two can compete with male rappers. It’s a a ludacris thought. Especially when you look at who is at the forefront of rap today. The biggest and best names in rap right now are women. Even the worst female rapper is better than the worst male rapper. It is plain to see that men want to rewrite history and leave out women. The first rap song on vinyl ” Rappers’ Delight” was written by a woman.