Take a listen below to the first official episode of my podcast! I feel as though often times black women’s voices are silenced. Especially their voices when they work in media and entertainment. We are supposed to be seen and not heard because it is viewed as a luxury that we are getting seen. With my podcast I wanted to take the opportunity to showcase how black women in music and not given the liberty to be their authentic selves without ill treatment. The bullying, the harassment, the threats, are all that comes with the territory when you are an unapologetic black girl. The two artists that I discussed in my first episode are Summer Walker and Lizzo. One is a young up and coming R&B artist who has been bullied for the greater part of her career. Summer Walker suffers from social anxiety and has tried to pursue her dreams inspire of her illness. Eventhough she tries her best she is still persecuted for appearing to be detached or uninterested. The other artist I spoke about is Lizzo. She is a pop artist Who sings about self love and motivation. But because of her size people want to bully her because they dont understand why she doesn’t have a problem with her body. What I want people to take away from my podcast is that black women deserve to be themselves no matter how uncomfortable it makes someone else.