As of December 18th, 2019 rapper Tekashi 69 has been banned from the popular radio show The Breakfast Club. Despite that his sexual assault allegations have followed him throughout his career it was the “snitching” that had him no longer welcome at the Power 105 radio station. The rapper was affiliated with the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods. Once the gang became under investigation by police their most popular member went down as well. To save himself from a lengthy prison sentence he decided to cooperate with police, otherwise known as “snitching”. Of course this goes against street code but why was this the last straw for The Breakfast Club? Why was an alleged rapist welcomed with open arms but a snitch is banned? This speaks to how women are silenced and never believed. Rapists are always given the benefit of the doubt and victims must prove they are worthy of empathy.

image obtained from NY Daily News