Source: Instagram @moneyyaya

Saturday morning Iyanna Mayweather was arrested for felony aggravated assault. After she walked in on her boyfriend rapper, NBA YoungBoy with a woman pregnant with his child she became irate. The two women began to fight but once Iyanna grabbed a knife the other woman was left needing emergency surgery. As a teenage heiress and daughter to one of the world’s greatest athletes, one may wonder how someone of her status would end up in such a predicament. It’s easy to jump to conclusions and formulate opinions about the misfortunes of this young girl but I feel as though we must look at things from a place of humanity.

At the end of the day, Iyanna is a teenager. Now, one’s age does not excuse violence but it justifies the lack of proper decision making. A young woman with a bounty of options and certainly not bound by finances still choosing to be in a relationship so degrading needs help. I am a firm believer in sisterhood and community. We all make mistakes and do things we wish we could take back. Iyanna could possibly be put away for a long time over a bad choice. What good does it do to kick someone while they are down?

One thing I can guarantee is that is never hurts to pray. To see someone in such a dark place is troubling. Only light can break through the darkness and help someone with so much potential to live up to it.