For some reason, Lizzo is an artist that really gets under people’s skin. Excuse me, Lizzo is an artist that really gets under men’s skin. Lizzo has been under attack for a long time. She has yet to be shy about showing off her body. Despite being a little juicier and browner than the typical Instagram model she proudly boasts about her figure. Let’s be clear, Lizzo is gorgeous in addition to being amazingly talented. She has a Prince cosign for Pete’s sake. But the incessant cyber bullying that she endures is disgusting. One quick search of Lizzo on twitter and you will see hundreds of memes made to degrade and shame her.  

Now Lizzo’s behaviors can be a tad obnoxious. We can remember when she went to a basketball game without any pants on chile. When the jumbotron came her way, she mooned everyone. But if that were Rihanna up on the screen showing everyone her goodies no one would have any complaints! Shoot, I wouldn’t even complain. After that spectacle she trended on twitter for days. Fatphobic comments were endless and it was plain to see that people were only angered by her behavior because they didn’t agree with her being so confident.  The same thing happened again when she twerked on Diddy’s Instagram live danceathon. Diddy himself asked Lizzo to stop saying that it was a “family show” but moments later when Instagram baddie Draya did the same thing it was all good.  

Let’s call a spade a spade. Society doesn’t believe that a woman her size should love herself. Lizzo has always been unapologetic about loving her body even if it makes other people so uncomfortable. But where does the discomfort even derive from? Lizzo has a real body. So many men complain that there are too many women that have plastic surgery, yet they are the ones that create these impossible standards that women feel as if they must meet. Men claim they don’t like the way she looks even though her body is a replica of so many other women, including the one’s men know and love in real life.  

We must ask ourselves in all her controversy who has Lizzo caused harm to? What makes her so annoying? I think within the answers to these questions most people will find that they are the ones with the problem and not Lizzo.