Although it’s been said many times, many ways, men are horrible. OT Genesis has made it his mission to not only harass Keyshia Cole but cyberbully her for months. It all started when he redid her iconic song “Love” by adding a gang-affiliated flare. Of course, this nonsensical rendition soon became a viral sensation. However, Keyshia was extremely vocal about the fact that she was not a fan.  she felt as if the song was tarnishing her legacy. After the report of Keyshia’s disapproval began a series of social media torment. OT Genasis has taunted Keyshia cole for months. Like, dude what’s your problem? 

As an artist why would one not be able to grasp why another artist would not want their music tampered.  Let us also take into account that the complete subject matter of the song was changed as well. He turned what was once a love song into a ditty that perpetuates gang culture. In this day and age where we are trying to not only uplift our community but express how our lives are valuable, to make a song about how much you love your gang is irresponsible. Creating gang culture propaganda does nothing but perpetuate violence. 

He should have respected her wishes and took down the song once Keyshia made it plain that she did not approve. Why wouldn’t he think to ask her before he re-recorded her song in the first place? It all boils down to there being a lack of respect for her artistry. What belongs to hear clearly doesn’t according to him. It doesn’t matter what she thinks nor does her approval matter either. Her song is for the taking.  Even after she made it clear that she didn’t like how he changed a song about love into a Blood Gang bop. But he took her discontent as an opportunity to further antagonize her publicly. He made memes and threatened her family.   Why don’t people ever want to listen to black women? The sentiment was made and ignored. Did Keyshia deserve to be mocked? When you completely disregard a person’s feelings and move forward it shows a lack of compassion. It is almost dehumanizing.  

 As a man, why would you publicly disrespect a woman? Black men are supposed to be protectors and yet this was another example of how when it’s time to illustrate that, some choose to take another route. This invalidation of Keyshia Cole’s person points out how it is necessary for black women to have their voices heard and taken seriously. Why should the voices of black women be silenced especially when it pertains to their art? She is building a legacy that she would like future artists to stand on in the future.  

For centuries the narrative of the black woman has been that we are angry and reactionary. It’s a tale as old as time that the woman of color Why is it ingrained into so many the notion to never listen to black women. Why are our feelings never respected or validated? Our feelings matter. Our art matters. Our voices matter.