Doja. Doja. Doja. What in the world!? In case you have been living under a rock then you have probably heard all about Doja Cat showing her feet in racist rooms. Okay well lets rewind and start from the beginning. It was revealed one evening on Twitter that rapper Doja Cat had a secret online persona where she entertained some unlikely characters. Like literally entertained. Also, by unlikely I mean racist.  

I mean, what would possess her to even participate in these discussions with these people. Some have given her grace by saying that she is perhaps suffering from an identity crisis. The reason why she is seeking the approval and basking in the fetishization of black women is because she was abandoned by her South African Father, leaving her to be raised by her white mother.  To me that is complete and utter bologna. She’s not the only person to have their father leave and it’s not common to jump in online chat rooms with incels and perform bed maiden foreplay.  

My final ruling is that Doja should lay low for a while. Granted she does have a broad audience but there were so many black women rooting for her.  I’m personally hurt by this. I see this as a slap in the face. Cancel culture is rampant and sometimes very unnecessary. There’s a fine line between holding people accountable for their actions and just trying to find fault. However, it’s not like her tweets from her teenage years have resurfaces to defame who she has grown to be as a woman. She was participating in the chat rooms very recently. A famous Doja Cat with a single slowly rising on the Billboard charts was had a secret life as troll.  

What really left me speechless was hearing a snippet of song she made that uses a racist term created within a 4Chan chatroom to describe African Americans. The song “Dindu Nuffin” was created after news broke of the death of Sandra Bland.  As a black woman to mock the murder of another to appease racist white men is beyond disgusting. There is no way to defend that such vile behavior. The self-hate must be deep within Doja to use her talents to create such trash. Although I hope that she heals from whatever is causing her to despise her blackness so, I do not condone her actions. 

 This is a testament to whether we should separate the artist from their art. I like many I’m sure enjoy Doja’s music. I think she is so talented and creative. It’s hard to acknowledge that she may have antiblack and self-hating ideologies. Music is a form of expression. Is it possible to truly create without involving any personal sentiment? Moving forward are we no longer supposed to support Doja and her music? As an African American Female rapper gaining success, the jury is always out for you. People are excitedly waiting for you to fail. Yet there are so many women looking up to you with hope that you succeed.